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to publicly acknowledge those to whom I owe a debt of gratitude for either their help, personal and/or technical support, encouragement, opinions and constructive criticism:

Friday K. for first impressions, opinions, and criticisms.

Keith, Joe and Katie at Softpress for putting up with my many tech questions and comments. And a special tip-o'-the-hat to Tim.

DeltaDave of Delta Design for gracious tech assistance above and beyond my expectations.

All of you who have participated in the contests.


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A few words about me, my style, and site content

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setting-up-the-shotHello! Thanks for stopping by and taking a look around. I’m your host, Len, and this site is about my photographic adventures when I’m out and about—afield—with my cameras and a lens or two. I’m just a guy in my mid-50s living in central New Jersey, taking some time to observe and capture the natural world around me.

My primary interest is in close-up/macrophotography of difficult subjects. I like the challenge of finding and then sharing snippets of our world that are going on all around us that we don’t really see, either because they are not in plain site, their scale, or simply never got our attention. It’s a photographic niche that means I don't have to leave the yard or garden to find fascinating subjects. But I anticipate spending more time going further afield in search of interesting subjects and locales.

I hope that whenever you visit there will be something new and exiting for you to explore, perhaps find educational, and occasionally even awe-inspiring.


An ant "farms" aphidsMy style

Natural events happen when they happen, where they happen, and usually can’t be created or controlled in a studio setting. I attempt to capture the moment, as it was, making the best of less-than-perfect shooting environments. Shooting into a carefully hidden bird’s nest, or capturing a pollen-laden bee in flight can be quite challenging. Scenes are often dark or obstructed, prone to inconvenient shadows or bad backgrounds, making good shots difficult to obtain without being destructive or dangerously intrusive. Out a session of 200 or more shots, perhaps a handful are worth saving. But sometimes I get lucky and capture a gem or two.
A bee to its flower

I try to capture images “in camera” using minimal post-processing to make exposure corrections so the final image is truer to the scene as I saw it. The keyword is “capture,” not “create.” I do not move objects around or add what wasn’t there when the shot was taken. Your taste may be different, but I like the darker, subdued images, finding them to be more natural, subtle, simultaneously relaxing and stimulating, easier on the eyes, especially when displayed on the wall of a cozy, dimly lit room. But sometimes I do get in the mood to create an image that is stylized or altered for effect. These, such as the example to the right, will be in the Fanciful gallery.

And a request: Please contact me if you know a location within a reasonable distance of New Brunswick, NJ that could be an interesting shooting location.