Robins usually lay a clutch of 4 eggs, one per day. The parents regulate egg temperature during the incubation period so they should all hatch within about a 24 hour period.


a continuous process by both parents throughout the day.
Photos and videos were taken 5/18–5/22


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robin sitting on eggs

occured 5/16 & 17

Documenting their growth

robin looking at hatchlings

Full house!


Out of the nest

I spied one of the parents on the neighbor's garage, agitated, walking along the roof edge and looking down into my fenced-in garden only a few feet away. This was the kind of activity I was hoping to find!

The next morning (5/28), knowing this was probably the day they would leave the nest, I hunkered down to capture that moment. I monitored the scene for a few hours but at about 11:30 I had to stop and get ready for a lunch date. At that time the nest looked much like the last photo in the series above.

At 12:30, as I was leaving, I took another look. The nest was empty! Hours of watching and waiting but I missed the moment!

I had to go, but upon my return I carefully walked around the yard, looking for activity that might suggest one or more of the fledglings might be found on the ground.

robin on roof

Not to worry! The fledgling was able to get itself out of the garden the next day.

Four new robins successfully added to the population.

the empty nest
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lens jpeg

focusing on the natural world

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